TreeHouse - How to Build Your Business Through Blogging

How to Build Your Business Through Blogging:

C.C. Chapman, author of ‘Content Rules’ and ‘Amazing Things Will Happen’, presents his insights on how to start blogging, how to find ideas on what to write, and tactics and tools to create a variety of content that will build your audience and help you find new business.


Digital Tutors - Drawing and Painting in Illustrator

Duration 44m

In this series of Illustrator tutorials, we’ll talk about some of the tools and techniques we can use to draw and paint in Illustrator.

We’ll start by taking a look at the paintbrush tool. We’ll go over the different ways to adjust the settings for the tool and also ways to define the brush strokes that we can create. We’ll also use the blob brush tool and pencil tool.

We’ll take a look at how differently the tools create strokes and shapes and how we can utilize their strengths for the needs of our project. Next we’ll take a look at the width tool and width profiles.

We’ll get an understanding how we can utilize this tool and the width profile settings to add weight and variation to basic line strokes. And finally, we’ll learn the process of making a custom pattern brush. This course goes over some of the ways you can use the drawing tools in Illustrator to create great looking artwork.

By the end of this Illustrator training, you’ll have an understanding of how you can customize your tools to meet the needs of your project and illustrate more efficiently.



Udemy - 3ds Max Pro in 6 Hours

Knowing how to use these two programs together is a valuable skill. Seriously, I taught myself how to use these programs many years ago, and now I get paid quite well for my expertise. 3d is not just my hobby, it is also how I support my family. You can learn, and start a career in 3d too. Everything you need to get started is in this course. I will take you through 3ds Max and V-Ray from the very beginning, and by the end you will be well on your way to creating your own images and filling up your portfolio with polished work. Keep in mind, you do not typically need formal training to get a job in 3D. What it takes is an awesome portfolio, so let’s get started on yours.



Farbspiel - Mask It Like a Pro The Complete Guide to Layer Masking in Photoshop

Whether youre an experienced Photoshop user or a beginner, this course will get you up to speed with one of the most important skills in photo editing: Creating layer masks effectively and efficiently.

In the 21 lessons of this course, you will learn everything about layer masking starting at the basics, all the way to the most advanced techniques.

All the techniques explained in this course revolve around one central question: How can you create complex layer masks quickly and precisely? Layer masks are at the core of the most powerful techniques available in Photoshop. They allow you the blend the contents of different layers in many ways. If you are not using layer masks, any adjustment you apply to an image applies to all the pixels. These global adjustments can already take you a long way. But the real power of Photoshop and its smaller sibling Photoshop Elements lies in selective editing techniques where you adjust different regions of an image in different ways. Layer masks are the key to selective editing because they allow you to isolate regions of an image and process them completely separately.

Creating a precise mask for a specific part of an image can be very complex and time-consuming, unless you know the right tools and how to apply them. It is not surprising that Photoshop provides many different tools for such an essential task. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, and each of them is designed to work well for different use-cases.

In this course, I will teach you how to use each one of them. This will enable you to pick the right tool and use it professionally the next time you need to create a challenging mask.