A Collection Of 100 Unique Element 3D Metal Materials. Endless Possibilities: From Realistic to Grunge to Futuristic Surfaces. Whether you’re creating motion graphics, designing robot/mecha characters in Sci-fi scenes or adding metal materials to vehicles for VFX work, VFXER PRO Metals gives you a variety of advanced, epic looking materials that are sure to impress. VFXER PRO Metals give you an exciting starting point for your design.

Demo: http://playreplay.me/video/2u172.4027046651de77e208442f8bd14d

Note: FXER PRO Metals only works with Element 3D version 2 and above, as it uses the improved physically based shader system in Element 3D v2.

• 100 Exciting Professional Metal Materials for Element 3D.;
• Fully Customizable – From Realisitic to Grunge to Futuristic Surfaces.;
• 2K resolution textures give you vivid, impressive detail, without sacrificing render performance.
• VFXER Bonus Materials
• VFXER Motion Design Materials For Element 3D
• VFXER PRO Metals For Element 3D
•File Size: 1,48 Gb