Lynda – After Effects Guru – Advanced Photoshop Techniques

Lynda - After Effects Guru -  Advanced Photoshop Techniques

Integrate Photoshop into your everyday video and animation workflows to save time, correct common video issues, and generate custom textures. After Effects guru Ian Robinson starts with the essentials: retouching, correcting color, and fixing distortion with Photoshop. Then he takes things further and shows how to prep still images in Photoshop for animation in After Effects. Next, learn how to use Photoshop to create environment maps that accurately reflect graphics when applied in After Effects or CINEMA 4D (C4D) Lite. In the last chapter you’ll explore integrating Photoshop into a 3D production pipeline, making custom textures in Photoshop, and applying them via bump maps and normal maps in C4D Lite.

Topics include:
-Retouching video with the Healing Brush
-Color correcting video
-Saving time with preset lookup tables (LUTs)
-Creating custom LUTs
-Preparing still images for 3D camera moves
-Creating 3D animation
-Building environment maps to match graphics in footage
-Creating custom bump maps and textures for 3D models